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Field of Heaven Stringer (aged)


We have assembled our favorite Masato pendants and aged the set to add a natural patina. The necklace is dedicated to our favorite stage 'Field of Heaven' at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan.

  • 3-inch silver 'heart' feather 
  • 1-inch silver '4corners' feather
  • silver medicine wheel with gold eagle stamp
  • silver chain with eagle head clasp
  • naturally hunted deer skin leather, light beige
  • 1 silver bead, secured with red thread
  • all silver parts handmade by Masato-san
  • necklace assembled and aged by Cotton Sheep 

Additional info

We are honored to partner with Cotton Sheep’s first in-house craftsman, Masato-san. Masato-san is a talented silver worker located in Aizu, Japan who is dedicated to hand-making Native American style jewelry, a respected and honored art form in Japan with a special history.

It all started when jewelry artist and free spirit Goro Takahashi was one of the first Japanese persons to be invited to the Sacred Sundance ceremony in Big Mountain, Arizona. He pioneered the way for generations of Japanese creatives who were inspired by Native American communities who were so gracious to share their knowledge of leather and silver works. Since the 70’s hippie movement, we have been blessed to participate in spiritual ceremonies with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota—where medicine man and leader of the AIM (American Indian Movement) Leonard Crowdog, awarded Goro-san with the name 'Yellow Eagle', the biggest honor for the Japanese community.

Today, Japanese makers continue to be inspired by this art form for its meticulous handwork, artistry, and deep respect for nature that is present in both traditional Japanese culture (Shinto) as well as the indigenous way of life.