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Hirota Glass

HIROTA GLASS Dessert Cup 2238


 Glass Dessert Cup in a nostalgic hue of mint blue.  Perfect to serve ice cream or fruit. 

  • 8cm(3.2in) diameter
  • 5.6cm(2.2n) height
  • Made in Japan

About Hirota Glass
Founded in 1899, Hirota Glass is a top-class collective of glass art specialists, much of the designs inspired by glass art from the pre-war period.

About Yukinohana Series 
“Yuki-no-hana”, translating to “Snow Flower” is a nostalgic design that captures the romantic and retro feeling of the Showa Period (1926~1989). 

The Showa period, known for the Westernization of Japan, brought about widespread cafe culture. It was common to enjoy ice cream parfaits and Western desserts in glasses reminiscent of the Yukinohana series.