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Kapital Peter Max Canvas Eco Bag


Cotton-Linen canvas tote featuring psychedelic illustrations of a monk meditating under a space waterfall. 

  • Bag Height 46cm
    Bag Width 40.5cm
    Bag height w/ shoulder strap: 62.5cm
    Width of shoulder strap: 3cm

  • Cotton 85% Linen 15%

  • Made in Japan

About Kapital
In 1985 Toshikiyo Hirata started a denim factory in Kojima, Okayama the denim capital of Japan. In 2002, Toshikiyo’s son Kiro Hirata joined his father’s denim factory and revolutionized the business into the iconic fashion brand that Kapital is today. Kapital is inspired by Americana, traditional Japan, and the indigenous groups all over the world.