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Large Silver Feather Pendant (w/ solid gold tip)

feather direction:
right curving
left curving

An elegant silver feather with 1/3rd solid gold tip. 

  • Handcrafted in Japan by Masato-san 
  • Solid silver feather, with a solid gold heart feather attached. 
  • 7cm in length
  • Sold as an individual pendant, chain/leather string may be purchased separately

*pictured is natural tarnish of silver, expected to darken over time*

Additional info

A talented silver worker located in Aizu, Japan, Masato-San is dedicated to hand-making Native American style jewelry, a respected and honored art form in Japan with a special history.

It all started when Goro Takahashi, jewelry artist and free spirit, was the first to pioneer the way for generations of Japanese creatives who were inspired by Native American communities who were so gracious to share their knowledge of leather and silver works. 

Today, Japanese makers continue to be inspired by this art form for its meticulous handwork, artistry, and deep respect for nature that is present in both traditional Japanese culture (Shinto) as well as the indigenous way of life.