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Nail Nippers for Adult (Black , Carbon Steel)


Suwada nail nippers are made of high-carbon stainless steel, the same material used to forge custom-made Japanese kitchen knives. These nippers offer a perfectly clean and smooth cut, so your nails will never have to get torn and jagged again. 

The clean cut of Suwada products increases the health and strength of your nail. 

  • 100% high carbon stainless steel
  • Handmade in Japan 
  • length is 12cm (4.7in)

About Suwada
Founded in 1926, Suwada is from Sanjo, Niigata-  Japan's capital for metalwork and blacksmithing. Their commitment to their product has earned them a world-renowned nail nippers. 
Their nail nipper has won 3 awards: 
1. Good Design Award
2. Design for Asia Award
3. IDS (Idea, Design, Sense)