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Garabou Slow-Spun Cotton Kitchen Cloth


 A soft cotton dish towel with a colorful border. 

  • Dimensions: 25cm×35cm
  • organic cotton 100%
  • Made in Japan

Garabou Slow-Spun Cotton is spun on old-world machines (throstle frame) that mimic imperfect hand-spun cotton. Invented in 1876, the machine is only 1% as efficient as modern machinery and has quickly been phased out of modern manufacturing. However, due to the irreplaceable fluffiness and wabi-sabi charm of the yarn, there are select families that continue to preserve this technique.

Kitama factory was founded in 1895 in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Japan. The family continues to operate this special factory with the intentions of preserving one of the last remaining producers of Garabou Slow-spun Cotton.