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Hirota Glass

Hirota Glass Taisho Roman Soy Sauce Bottle Mizutama TR-40-2


Small soy sauce pourer decorated with opalescent stripes using traditional aburidashi glassmaking technique.

  • 7cm (2.75 in) diameter
  • 10.2cm(4in) height
  • 145ml (4.9 fl oz)
  • Made in Japan

About Hirota Glass
Founded in 1899, Hirota Glass is a top-class collective of glass art specialists, much of the designs inspired by glass art from the pre-war period.

About Aburidashi Craft
The “aburidashi” technique is an old-world technique that had once been a lost art, and was able to be resurrected by Hirota Glass through trial and error. Aburidashi technique was a widespread glass art during the Meiji period (1868~1912), and Taisho period (1912~1926), hence the name ‘Taisho-Roman’.

The technique involves the use of “‘bone ash” to create an opalescent pattern at the time of glass molding.