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Silver Medicine Wheel with Gold Eagle

The medicine wheel pendant can be used to tie a jewelry set together as a 'connecter' piece.
The medicine wheel is a sacred symbol of many Native American tribes, representing the four directions, four seasons, four stages of life, etc. We hope our customers will also consider it a sacred object.

*Please contact customer support if you would assistance connecting the medicine wheel to a chain, feather, leather etc. May require jewelry pliers or stringing technique*
  • handmade by Masato-san
  • 20mm in diameter
  • silver wheel with gold center

About Masato
We are honored to partner with Cotton Sheep’s first in-house craftsman, Masato-san. Masato-san is a jewelry maker located in Aizu, Japan who is dedicated to hand-making Native American style jewelry, a respected and honored artform in Japan with a special history.

About Native Style Jewelry by Japanese artisans
It all started when Goro Takahashi (Goro’s) was one of the first Japanese visitors to be invited to the Sacred Sundance ceremony at Big Mountain, Arizona. They gave him the name yellow eagle. Throughout the 70's hippie movement, Goro-san and leather worker Riki Maesaki (Wingrock) formed deep friendships with Native American communities, deepening their knowledge of indigenous crafts and culture. They could be found making and selling their jewelry on the streets of LA, and eventually opening shops in Japan which are now popular destinations for visitors from around the world.

Today, the legends have left generations of Japanese creatives who are inspired by the meticulous handwork, artistry, and connection to nature that is present in both traditional Japanese culture (Shinto) as well as the indigenous way of life in America.