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Nail Nippers for Baby and Kids, High Carbon Stainless Steel


The baby nail nipper was a widely requested item from Suwada to handle the delicate job of cutting the nails of baby and small kids. Recommended for new parents.

These nippers offer a perfectly clean and smooth cut, so your baby's nails will never have to get torn again. 

The clean cut of Suwada products increases the health and strength of your nail. 

  • 100% high carbon stainless steel
  • Handmade in Japan 
  • length is : 10cm (3.9in)
  • Does not come with leather case

About Suwada
Founded in 1926, Suwada is from Sanjo, Niigata-  Japan's capital for metalwork and blacksmithing. 


  1. Good Design Award
  2. Design for Asia Award
  3. IDS (Idea, Design, Sense)